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We've partnered with Peacock Media to offer marketers an exclusive deal on the popular SEO tool Scrutiny v6.

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Scrutiny 6 for Mac Allows you to scan any website and analyse it from an SEO perspective.

We’ve partnered with Peacock Media to offer marketers a fantastic deal on the popular SEO tool Scrutiny v6.  One of the biggest issues many website designers have is tracking down all the little issues with SEO and websites in general that are incredibly easy to miss. You might look over a page multiple times and still not catch that missing title or realize that you’ve got an orphaned page.

Even if you don’t miss anything, it still takes a good amount of time to create a sitemap, check for broken links, and do all the other little tasks you need to do to make certain your website is functioning properly and optimized for search engines.

While you might think a few broken links or duplicate content is nothing to worry about, Google’s Panda algorithm will add all of those things together and decide your site is low-quality. You’ll lose traffic, which in turn means you’ll lose sales. Panda penalizes your site for a significant number of things, including over-optimization, useless content, slow load time, spelling errors, and the links you use.

Fortunately, there’s an app that will help you find these things with just a few clicks: Scrutiny for Mac. This set of web optimization and SEO tools will save you time and find all those little errors that can be a pain to hunt down. Let’s take a look at what Scrutiny offers.

Scan for Broken Links

It’s easy to miss a broken link, which is a link that doesn’t point to any page and returns a 404 “page not found” error. The page name in the link might be misspelled, or you might have deleted or renamed the page and forgot to remove or fix the link. Scrutiny will run through your entire website checking links to make certain they go to a page instead of returning an error.

Generate Sitemaps

A site map shows the search engines, how a site is laid out, including what pages connect to what other pages in the website. You can use Scrutiny to create your sitemap quickly and to your specifications. Have it include or exclude PDFs and images, decide how often you want it to map changes and more.

Automatically Check Your SEO Parameters

SEO is made up of a variety of different things, including a webpage’s title, its description, the headings used throughout, the link text, the overall word count, and the number of times specific keywords are used in the text. Checking all of that will certainly take up a lot of time, especially if your website has hundreds of pages. Scrutiny will do all of this work for you, highlighting where you’ve forgotten to put in a title, showing you pages that Google may see as being keyword-stuffed, and more.

Check Spelling and Grammar

Spelling and grammar are still important, especially with Google. If its Panda algorithm determines that you have too many spelling or grammar errors on a page, it’s likely to label that page as low-quality and exclude it from search results. While you should run a spelling and grammar check on your content before uploading it, Scrutiny will do another check just to make certain you didn’t miss anything.

Test the Load Speed

Testing a page’s load speed is important because Google assumes people do not want to visit pages that load slowly. To avoid this, you need to know what elements on your page are causing it to load slowly. It’s easy to say that it’s a video or large images, but that’s not always the case.

Let Scrutiny check every element on the page for load times and report back to you on which ones may be causing the slowdown.

Find Certain Text on Your Site

Looking for certain keywords you’ve used on your website but can’t remember where? Maybe you want to see if you’ve achieved a specific keyword density or if there’s a term you’ve used too much. Scrutiny can do a word search on your entire website at once, so you’re not sitting there going through page after page. This is very helpful if you’ve decided one of your keywords isn’t bringing in the results you want and needs to be replaced or if you suspect you’re being penalized for using a keyword too much.

Find Orphaned Pages

If you’ve moved pages around or changed a lot of links, you may have accidentally orphaned a page or two on your site. Since no links are going to these pages, it’s almost impossible for anyone to get to them. Scrutiny compares the files on your website to the links on your pages to determine if any pages have been orphaned. Google will penalize you if you have too many of these pages, plus orphaned pages may contain content that’s relevant to your visitors. When manually testing your website, you may not even realize a page is missing if your site is huge, so having Scrutiny check for orphaned page is very helpful.

See Your Website Through Google’s Eyes

Finally, it’s useful to see what your site looks like to Google and other search engines. You might think it will appear one way, but you never know until you have Scrutiny show you what your site looks like to a search robot. You may be surprised at what you find!

Using Scrutiny can save you an enormous amount of time and work, but more importantly, it helps you make your website attractive to Google. It can fix SEO issues, make certain your site is as useful to visitors as it can be, and help you rank higher in search results.