SumoChamp Acquired by Appsumo

We are thrilled to announce that SumoChamp, the incredibly popular and effective Chrome extension, has been officially acquired by Appsumo. This landmark achievement signifies a major milestone for the SumoChamp team, as well as its devoted community of users who have been an integral part of its extraordinary journey. From a humble beginning as a free Chrome extension, SumoChamp has evolved into one of the most in-demand productivity tools in today’s market.

Initially developed as a small-scale project, SumoChamp swiftly gained momentum, witnessing its monthly active users skyrocket by 100% every month. This plugin not only garnered widespread popularity but also turned profitable, generating an ever-increasing revenue per user. The remarkable success of SumoChamp can be attributed to its inventive features and the overwhelmingly positive feedback it consistently received from its satisfied users.

The current SumoChamp team takes immense pride in handing over the reins to Appsumo, ensuring that the product’s upward trajectory and prosperity continue. This acquisition will equip Appsumo with the essential resources and technology needed to elevate SumoChamp to unprecedented heights.

As the team transitions to new ventures, we have full confidence that SumoChamp will flourish under the expert guidance of Appsumo. The loyal SumoChamp community can anticipate a promising future filled with even more cutting-edge features and enhancements.

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all SumoChamp users for their unwavering support and enthusiasm throughout this incredible journey. We take immense pride in our collective accomplishments and eagerly await the exciting developments that lie ahead for SumoChamp.

So, whether you have been a dedicated SumoChamp user for years or are just discovering the plugin, we encourage you to join Appsumo on this exhilarating journey as they propel SumoChamp towards a bright and innovative future. Let’s embrace the exciting possibilities that await!

Thank you,

Rick Bannerman
Founder | PLEXKITS Marketing Tools & Templates