SumoChamp Acquired by Appsumo

It’s official! SumoChamp, our highly popular tool for purchasing lifetime deals, has been acquired by AppSumo. This marks a significant milestone for the SumoChamp team and its community of users, who have been part of its incredible journey from a free Chrome extension to one of the most sought-after tools in the tech software deals space.

SumoChamp, which started as a small project, quickly gained traction and saw its monthly active users grow by over 100% every month. The success of SumoChamp is a testament to its innovative features and the positive feedback it received from its users.

The current SumoChamp team is proud to pass the product on to AppSumo, ensuring its continued growth and success. The acquisition will provide the resources and technology to take SumoChamp to the next level.

We are confident that SumoChamp will thrive under the guidance of AppSumo. The community of SumoChamp users can look forward to a bright future with even more innovative features and improvements.

We want to thank all of the SumoChamp users for their support and enthusiasm throughout this journey. We are proud of what we have accomplished together and are excited to see where SumoChamp will go from here.

So, whether you’re a long-time SumoChamp user or new to the plugin, we invite you to continue the journey with AppSumo as they take SumoChamp to new heights. Let’s see what the future holds!