Rick Bannerman

Rick Bannerman is a marketing specialist with a broad range of experience in web design, inbound marketing, and marketing analytics. As a digital marketing consultant, Rick handles marketing strategy and planning, project management, and the optimization of interactive marketing channels.

Trade Show Marketing in 2023 tradeshow marketing 2023

Trade Show Marketing in 2023

What is trade show marketing? Trade shows are events where companies and organizations in a particular industry or market come together to showcase their products or services, network with other professionals, and learn about new trends and developments in the industry. Trade show marketing is the process of promoting a business or product at a …

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Blank HTML Template

Here is a basic HTML file with some standard elements: My HTML Page Welcome to my page! This is a paragraph of text. Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 This HTML file includes a doctype declaration, an html element, a head element, and a body element. The head element contains a title element and a …

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Top Marketing Technology Trends BeBold fb58a20895c117834807f06c97e7b536 800

Top Marketing Technology Trends

1. Marketing budgets will shrink, but martech spending will rise. According to the annual Gartner survey, top-line marketing spending will decline for the first time in 5 years. However, last year, Gartner reported martech spending rose to 29% of the total budgets. Usually, these remain at the same level around 25%. Nevertheless, the global marketing …

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SumoChamp chrome extension header with screenshots

SumoChamp Acquired by Appsumo

We are thrilled to announce that SumoChamp, the incredibly popular and effective Chrome extension, has been officially acquired by Appsumo. This landmark achievement signifies a major milestone for the SumoChamp team, as well as its devoted community of users who have been an integral part of its extraordinary journey. From a humble beginning as a …

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10 Steps to Successful Tradeshow Planning

10 Critical Steps to Trade Show Success (2020 Update)

Exhibiting at a trade show is a crucial part of your overall marketing plan, not just a way to make some quick sales. Your presence will reinforce your company’s brand recognition and define its position in the marketplace. Trade shows offer you the opportunity to garner positive publicity, generate leads, discover new suppliers and find …

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10 Steps to Planning a Conference Header

The 10 Most Important Steps to Follow When Planning a Conference

1.  Make Sure You Know Why! There are plenty of reasons that you might want to start planning a conference.  Be it educational, business oriented, industry specific or many others, you must know what you ultimately want to achieve with your conference.  Clearly defining your goals for the conference is key.  Identify a few things: What are your attendees …

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Photo of a trash with CASL title

How the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) Caused a Surge of Spam

If you are an email marketer or a company from Canada, you have most likely been hearing lots about the CASL.  As of yesterday, July 1st, 2014 the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) has come into effect. More strict than our southern neighbours CAN-SPAM, the CASL is here to “protect” Canadians from email spam. Please keep …

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