Tradeshow Packing List

Ensure preparedness and avoid mishaps with our Trade Show Packing List Template.


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What is the Tradeshow Packing List?

The Trade Show Packing List Template is a robust tool designed to streamline your preparations for trade shows. It comes with a list of over 100 items to ensure nothing important gets left behind. In addition, this template allows you to assign responsibilities to team members, making it a practical solution for ensuring full preparedness.

The success of a trade show hinges on effective preparation. Our Trade Show Packing List Template helps you guarantee readiness and avoid forgetfulness that can potentially derail your event. This template offers a comprehensive list of over 100 items necessary for a trade show, ensuring that you remember to pack everything you need. With its live status bar, you can track your packing progress in real time. You can also assign specific items to staff members to clarify responsibilities and promote team accountability. The template is fully customizable and designed in Microsoft Excel for ease of use.

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Why use the Tradeshow Packing List?

Save yourself the embarrassment of arriving unprepared

With over 100 listed items, avoid forgetting critical trade show components.

Easily manage the division of work between staff

Assign each item to a team member to ensure everyone knows their responsibilities.

Avoid last-minute hardware store runs

With the comprehensive packing list, you can avoid last-minute rushes and ensure all items are ready well in advance of the show.

Stay updated with a live status bar

Utilize the live status bar to monitor packing progress and readiness, helping you manage your time effectively.


Avoid last-minute hardware store runs on the day of the show.

User-friendly and easy to navigate

The template is fully created in Microsoft Excel – no additional software, drivers, or plug-ins required, making it user-friendly and easy to navigate.

A long-term investment for consistent trade show preparations

This is a one-time purchase that provides a lifetime tool for consistent trade show preparations, proving to be a valuable long-term investment.

Tradeshow Packing List Features

Over 100 Items listed to ensure comprehensive packing for the trade show.
Live status bar for real-time tracking of readiness for the show.
Fully customizable packing list & categories.
Designed in Microsoft Excel – no additional software, drivers or plug-ins required.
Ability to assign each item to a staff member.
A one-time investment for a lifetime of seamless trade show preparation.
Amazing support from the PLEXKITS team.
Tradeshow Packing List Excel Template

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