Tradeshow Booth Layout Template

Create impactful booth layouts with a simple drag-and-drop solution.

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What is the Tradeshow Booth Layout Template?

The Tradeshow Booth Layout Template for PowerPoint is a comprehensive tool designed to help you visualize and design your upcoming booth layouts across a range of sizes including 10’x10′, 10’x20′, 20’x20, 20’x30′ and 20’x40′. This intuitive tool enables you to produce quick mock-ups using Microsoft PowerPoint, eliminating the need for professional designers.

The new version of the Tradeshow Booth Layout Template for PowerPoint now includes templates for multiple trade show booth sizes! 10’x10′, 10’x20′, 20’x20, 20’x30′ and 20’x40′ booth sizes now included!!

The Tradeshow Booth Layout Template is an incredibly simple, yet visual way to produce mock-ups showing possible booth layouts for your upcoming shows. We have designed the Tradeshow Booth Layout Template to allow for rapid development of mock-ups while using software that you are already comfortable with, Microsoft PowerPoint. Produce quick, easy-to-understand layout ideas yourself rather than hiring a designer.

Easily export your mockups as image files, PowerPoint presentations or even PDFs. Have you ever needed your team to decide between two different layouts for a trade show and wanted an easy way to collaborate and make changes on the fly without having to sketch it out on a piece of paper? Our Booth Layout template is about to save you a ton of time and make your life a lot easier. Have you ever arrived at the show to find that your setup crew has put the booth together wrong? Now you can give an incredibly simple solution, therefore you do not have to be there to make sure the tradeshow booth is set up exactly how you want it. Introducing the Tradeshow Booth Layout Mockup Template, the perfect companion to your Trade Show Checklist!

Tradeshow Booth Layout Template Tradeshow Booth Layout Sm23

Tradeshow Booth Layout V3.02 (10X10) - Screenshot  Tradeshow Booth Layout V3.02 (10X20) - Screenshot  Tradeshow Booth Layout V3.02 (20X20) - Screenshot

Do you have something specific you would like to see added to the next version of the Tradeshow Booth Layout Template that would make it even better? Let us know!


Why use the Tradeshow Booth Layout Template?

Efficient Design Process

Create mock-ups quickly and effectively without needing to hire a professional designer.

Ease of Use:

The tool is designed for Microsoft PowerPoint, a platform most users are already familiar with.


Now includes layouts for multiple booth sizes, providing options for various event spaces.


Facilitates team decision-making by providing a visual reference that can be easily exported and shared.

Prevent Set-up Errors

The clearly outlined mock-ups prevent set-up mistakes at the event.

Tradeshow Booth Layout Template Features

Over 30 easy drag-and-drop elements for customized booth designs.
9 Master Layout Templates including designs for fully open, open sides, regular or corner booth locations.
Now includes 5 Versions – 10’x10′, 10’x20′, 20’x20′, 20’x30′ and 20’x40′ trade show booth layouts.
All elements are designed in PowerPoint and are completely editable.
Email support for 1 year with all paid templates.
Free registration provides lifetime access to upgrades and new versions of your purchased templates.

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