The Ultimate Website Launch Checklist


The Website Launch Checklist Template will make sure you launch your website on time and efficiently as possible. Don’t miss a single task!

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This product is included in PLEXKITS Pro

Launching or redesigning a website is a daunting task. There are a ton of things that need to be completed and skipping just a single one can throw the entire project off track.

We’ve been involved in a lot of web projects in the past. Users of our other templates have requested a web (re)design template more than anything else, so we figured it was time we put together the most comprehensive website launch checklist the world has ever seen. (Well, I mean, we didn’t actually search the entire world, but you get the idea.)

What’s included?

  • Main Checklist – 140 Item Step by Step Checklist to handle any website launch or redesign project
    • Fully Customizable Tasks & Categories
    • Fully created in and designed for Microsoft Excel – no other software, drivers or plug-ins required
  • Dashboard – Live updates on project status, budget and what the next tasks to be completed are
    • Live Trade Show Budget Tracking
    • Consolidated key information provides fact-based summaries at a glance
  • Page Tracker – List all the pages on your site and give ownership of each specific page to a member of your team







Software Required

Microsoft Excel 2007+