Free Marketing Chalkboard Slides

212 Awesome Chalkboard Marketing Graphics (Free)

Huh? Chalkboard Marketing Graphics?

I was trying to plan out what to post on the blog next, and I started thinking to myself, what does every marketer need? Now, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t land on the answer of Chalkboard Marketing Graphics, but I did realize a pretty universal need for marketers (and all people) is more time.

So instead of the typical how to save time blog post, I thought I’d put together a batch of free graphics for marketers to use in their presentations (the images are all 16×9), without the need to create it themselves. This way you can quickly just grab the marketing slides, drop them in a PowerPoint presentation and go.

…and for Free. No questions asked.

You don’t need to credit me, provide a link back, or sign up for our list…But I would love it if you did any of those!

I’ve created 212 Marketing Graphics on a Chalkboard template for you use in your presentations, blog posts or social media posts. Well actually there is a black and green version of each, so really there is 414.

I can hear the slow clapping now.

Well, that’s my schpiel, feel free to download and use and of these marketing images / slides any way you want.

As a little content upgrade, I have added a link at the bottom to download all of the graphics in their full size (2560×1440) and in a single zip in exchange for joining our mailing list.

So here we go. Since it was a pretty big list, I’ve created a simple index that will take you to the particular marketing graphic you’re looking for.

If you enjoy this post and would like to see some other sets like this, let me know if the comments below. Or if you have any ideas on words to add, let me know!

Happy Marketing!

  1. Above the Fold
  2. Ad Blocker
  3. AdSense
  4. Affiliate
  5. Affiliate Directory
  6. Affiliate Manager
  7. Affiliate Marketing
  8. Affiliate Merchant
  9. Affiliate Network
  10. Affiliate Software
  11. ALT text
  12. Analytics
  13. Animated GIF
  14. Autoresponder
  15. B2B
  16. B2C
  17. Banner Ad
  18. Banner Blindness
  19. Banner Exchange
  20. Blog
  21. Blogger
  22. Blogging
  23. Bottom of the Funnel
  24. Bounce Rate
  25. Business Blogging
  26. Buyer Persona
  27. Buzzword
  28. Caching
  29. Call to Action
  30. CAN-SPAM
  31. Captcha
  32. Cascading Style Sheets
  33. CASL
  34. CDN
  35. Churn Rate
  36. Clickthrough Rate
  37. Closed-Loop Marketing
  38. Comment Spam
  39. Content
  40. Content Delivery System
  41. Content Management System
  42. Content Optimization System
  43. Content Upgrade
  44. Context
  45. Contextual Advertising
  46. Conversion Path
  47. Conversion Rate
  48. Conversion Rate Optimization
  49. Cookie
  50. Cost Per Action
  51. Cost Per Click
  52. Cost Per Lead
  53. CPA
  54. CPC
  55. CPL
  56. CPM
  57. CSS
  58. CTA
  59. CTR
  60. Customer Acquisition Cost
  61. Dedicated Hosting
  62. Dedicated Ip
  63. Deep Linking
  64. Description Tag
  65. Domain Name
  66. Drip Campaign
  67. Dynamic Content
  68. Ebook
  69. Editorial Calendar
  70. Email
  71. Email Marketing
  72. Email Series
  73. Email Spam
  74. Engagement Rate
  75. Evergreen Content
  76. Exclusivity
  77. Facebook
  78. Favicon
  79. Favorite
  80. First-Mover Advantage
  81. Form
  82. Forum
  83. Free
  84. Freemium
  85. Friction
  86. Geo-Targeting
  87. Google+
  88. Guerilla Marketing
  89. Guest Blogging
  90. Hashtag
  91. Heatmap
  92. Home Page
  93. HTML
  94. Impression
  95. Inbound Link
  96. Inbound Marketing
  97. Infographic
  98. Instagram
  99. JavaScript
  100. Keyword
  101. Keyword Density
  102. Keyword Marketing
  103. Keyword Research
  104. Keyword Stuffing
  105. Landing Page
  106. Lead
  107. Lead Generation
  108. Lead Magnet
  109. Lead Nurturing
  110. Lifecycle Stages
  111. Lifetime Value
  112. Like-Gate
  113. Link Building
  114. Link Checker
  115. Link Text
  116. Linkbait
  117. LinkedIn
  118. Long-Tail Keyword
  119. Marketing
  120. Marketing Automation
  121. Marketing Plan
  122. Media Kit
  123. Microsite
  124. Middle of the Funnel
  125. Mobile Marketing
  126. Mobile Optimization
  127. Moderator
  128. Monthly Recurring Revenue
  129. Multivariate Testing
  130. Native Advertising
  131. Navigation
  132. Net Promoter Score
  133. News Feed
  134. Newsjacking
  135. No-Follow Link
  136. Off-Page Optimization
  137. Offer
  138. On-Page Optimization
  139. Opt-in Email
  140. Opt-Out
  141. Organic Search
  142. Outbound Link
  143. Page View
  144. Pagejacking
  145. Pass-Along Rate
  146. Pay Per Click
  147. Pay Per Lead
  148. Pay Per Sale
  149. PayPal
  150. Permission Marketing
  151. Pinterest
  153. Podcast
  154. Pop-Up Ad
  155. Portal
  156. PPC
  157. PPL
  158. PPS
  159. QR Code
  160. Qualified Lead
  161. Reciprocal Links
  162. Responsive Design
  163. Return on Investment
  164. ROI
  165. Search Engine
  166. Search Engine Optimization
  167. Search Engine Spam
  168. Search Engine Submission
  169. Search Retargeting
  170. Self-Serve Advertising
  171. Sender Score
  172. SEO
  173. SERP
  174. Service Level Agreement
  175. Shopping Cart
  176. Site Search
  177. Skyscraper Ad
  178. Snapchat
  179. Social Media
  180. Social Networking
  181. Software-as-a-Service
  182. Spam
  183. Splash Page
  184. Sponsorship
  185. Text Ad
  186. Title Tag
  187. Top of the Funnel
  188. Twitter
  189. Unique Visitor
  190. Unique Visitors
  191. URL
  192. Usability
  193. User Experience
  194. User Interface
  195. Viral Content
  196. Viral Marketing
  197. Vlog
  198. Web Browser
  199. Web Design
  200. Web Directory
  201. Web Hosting
  202. Web Site Traffic
  203. Web Site Usability
  204. Website
  205. Welcome Email
  206. Whois
  207. Word-of-Mouth
  208. WordPress
  209. Workflow
  210. XML Sitemap
  211. YouTube

Above the Fold

Above The Fold Green Image
Above The Fold Black Image

Ad Blocker

Ad Blocker Green Image
Ad Blocker Black Image


Adsense Green Image
Adsense Black Image

Advertising Network

Advertising Network Green Image
Advertising Network Black Image


Affiliate Green Image
Affiliate Black Image

Affiliate Directory

Affiliate Directory Green Image
Affiliate Directory Black Image

Affiliate Manager

Affiliate Manager Green Image
Affiliate Manager Black Image

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Green Image
Affiliate Marketing Black Image

Affiliate Merchant

Affiliate Merchant Green Image
Affiliate Merchant Black Image

Affiliate Network

Affiliate Network Green Image
Affiliate Network Black Image

Affiliate Software

Affiliate Software Green Image
Affiliate Software Black Image

ALT text

Alt Text Green Image
Alt Text Black Image


Analytics Green Image
Analytics Black Image

Animated GIF

Animated Gif Green Image
Animated Gif Black Image


Autoresponder Green Image
Autoresponder Black Image


B2B Green Image
B2B Black Image


B2C Green Image
B2C Black Image
Banner Ad Green Image
Banner Ad Black Image
Banner Blindness Green Image
Banner Blindness Black Image
Banner Exchange Green Image
Banner Exchange Black Image


Blog Green Image
Blog Black Image


Blogger Green Image
Blogger Black Image


Blogging Green Image
Blogging Black Image

Bottom of the Funnel

Bottom Of The Funnel Green Image
Bottom Of The Funnel Black Image

Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate Green Image
Bounce Rate Black Image

Business Blogging

Business Blogging Green Image
Business Blogging Black Image

Buyer Persona

Buyer Persona Green Image
Buyer Persona Black Image


Buzzword Green Image
Buzzword Black Image


Caching Green Image
Caching Black Image

Call to Action

Call To Action Green Image
Call To Action Black Image


Can-Spam Green Image
Can-Spam Black Image


Captcha Green Image
Captcha Black Image

Cascading Style Sheets

Cascading Style Sheets Green Image
Cascading Style Sheets Black Image


Casl Green Image
Casl Black Image


Cdn Green Image
Cdn Black Image

Churn Rate

Churn Rate Green Image
Churn Rate Black Image

Clickthrough Rate

Clickthrough Rate Green Image
Clickthrough Rate Black Image

Closed-Loop Marketing

Closed-Loop Marketing Green Image
Closed-Loop Marketing Black Image

Comment Spam

Comment Spam Green Image
Comment Spam Black Image


Content Green Image
Content Black Image

Content Delivery System

Content Delivery System Green Image
Content Delivery System Black Image

Content Management System

Content Management System Green Image
Content Management System Black Image

Content Optimization System

Content Optimization System Green Image
Content Optimization System Black Image

Content Upgrade

Content Upgrade Green Image
Content Upgrade Black Image


Context Green Image
Context Black Image

Contextual Advertising

Contextual Advertising Green Image
Contextual Advertising Black Image

Conversion Path

Conversion Path Green Image
Conversion Path Black Image

Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate Green Image
Conversion Rate Black Image

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization Green Image
Conversion Rate Optimization Black Image
Cookie Green Image
Cookie Black Image

Cost Per Action

Cost Per Action Green Image
Cost Per Action Black Image

Cost Per Click

Cost Per Click Green Image
Cost Per Click Black Image

Cost Per Lead

Cost Per Lead Green Image
Cost Per Lead Black Image


Cpa Green Image
Cpa Black Image


Cpc Green Image
Cpc Black Image


Cpl Green Image
Cpl Black Image


Cpm Green Image
Cpm Black Image


Css Green Image
Css Black Image


Cta Green Image
Cta Black Image


Ctr Green Image
Ctr Black Image

Customer Acquisition Cost

Customer Acquisition Cost Green Image
Customer Acquisition Cost Black Image

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting Green Image
Dedicated Hosting Black Image

Dedicated Ip

Dedicated Ip Green Image
Dedicated Ip Black Image

Deep Linking

Deep Linking Green Image
Deep Linking Black Image

Description Tag

Description Tag Green Image
Description Tag Black Image

Domain Name

Domain Name Green Image
Domain Name Black Image

Drip Campaign

Drip Campaign Green Image
Drip Campaign Black Image

Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content Green Image
Dynamic Content Black Image


Ebook Green Image
Ebook Black Image

Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar Green Image
Editorial Calendar Black Image


Email Green Image
Email Black Image

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Green Image
Email Marketing Black Image

Email Series

Email Series Green Image
Email Series Black Image

Email Spam

Email Spam Green Image
Email Spam Black Image

Engagement Rate

Engagement Rate Green Image
Engagement Rate Black Image

Evergreen Content

Evergreen Content Green Image
Evergreen Content Black Image


Exclusivity Green Image
Exclusivity Black Image


Facebook Green Image
Facebook Black Image


Favicon Green Image
Favicon Black Image


Favorite Green Image
Favorite Black Image

First-Mover Advantage

First-Mover Advantage Green Image
First-Mover Advantage Black Image


Form Green Image
Form Black Image


Forum Green Image
Forum Black Image


Free Green Image
Free Black Image


Freemium Green Image
Freemium Black Image


Friction Green Image
Friction Black Image


Geo-Targeting Green Image
Geo-Targeting Black Image


Google+ Green Image
Google+ Black Image

Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla Marketing Green Image
Guerilla Marketing Black Image

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging Green Image
Guest Blogging Black Image


Hashtag Green Image
Hashtag Black Image


Heatmap Green Image
Heatmap Black Image

Home Page

Home Page Green Image
Home Page Black Image


Html Green Image
Html Black Image


Impression Green Image
Impression Black Image
Inbound Link Green Image
Inbound Link Black Image

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing Green Image
Inbound Marketing Black Image


Infographic Green Image
Infographic Black Image


Instagram Green Image
Instagram Black Image


Javascript Green Image
Javascript Black Image


Keyword Green Image
Keyword Black Image

Keyword Density

Keyword Density Green Image
Keyword Density Black Image

Keyword Marketing

Keyword Marketing Green Image
Keyword Marketing Black Image

Keyword Research

Keyword Research Green Image
Keyword Research Black Image

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing Green Image
Keyword Stuffing Black Image

Landing Page

Landing Page Green Image
Landing Page Black Image


Lead Green Image
Lead Black Image

Lead Generation

Lead Generation Green Image
Lead Generation Black Image

Lead Magnet

Lead Magnet Green Image
Lead Magnet Black Image

Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing Green Image
Lead Nurturing Black Image

Lifecycle Stages

Lifecycle Stages Green Image
Lifecycle Stages Black Image

Lifetime Value

Lifetime Value Green Image
Lifetime Value Black Image


Like-Gate Green Image
Like-Gate Black Image
Link Building Green Image
Link Building Black Image
Link Checker Green Image
Link Checker Black Image
Link Text Green Image
Link Text Black Image


Linkbait Green Image
Linkbait Black Image


Linkedin Green Image
Linkedin Black Image

Long-Tail Keyword

Long-Tail Keyword Green Image
Long-Tail Keyword Black Image


Marketing Green Image
Marketing Black Image

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Green Image
Marketing Automation Black Image

Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan Green Image
Marketing Plan Black Image

Media Kit

Media Kit Green Image
Media Kit Black Image


Microsite Green Image
Microsite Black Image

Middle of the Funnel

Middle Of The Funnel Green Image
Middle Of The Funnel Black Image

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Green Image
Mobile Marketing Black Image

Mobile Optimization

Mobile Optimization Green Image
Mobile Optimization Black Image


Moderator Green Image
Moderator Black Image

Monthly Recurring Revenue

Monthly Recurring Revenue Green Image
Monthly Recurring Revenue Black Image

Multivariate Testing

Multivariate Testing Green Image
Multivariate Testing Black Image

Native Advertising

Native Advertising Green Image
Native Advertising Black Image
Navigation Green Image
Navigation Black Image

Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score Green Image
Net Promoter Score Black Image

News Feed

News Feed Green Image
News Feed Black Image


Newsjacking Green Image
Newsjacking Black Image
No-Follow Link Green Image
No-Follow Link Black Image

Off-Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization Green Image
Off-Page Optimization Black Image


Offer Green Image
Offer Black Image

On-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization Green Image
On-Page Optimization Black Image

Opt-in Email

Opt-In Email Green Image
Opt-In Email Black Image


Opt-Out Green Image
Opt-Out Black Image
Organic Search Green Image
Organic Search Black Image
Outbound Link Green Image
Outbound Link Black Image

Page View

Page View Green Image
Page View Black Image


Pagejacking Green Image
Pagejacking Black Image

Pass-Along Rate

Pass-Along Rate Green Image
Pass-Along Rate Black Image

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Green Image
Pay Per Click Black Image

Pay Per Lead

Pay Per Lead Green Image
Pay Per Lead Black Image

Pay Per Sale

Pay Per Sale Green Image
Pay Per Sale Black Image


Paypal Green Image
Paypal Black Image

Permission Marketing

Permission Marketing Green Image
Permission Marketing Black Image


Pinterest Green Image
Pinterest Black Image


Plexkits Green Image
Plexkits Black Image


Podcast Green Image
Podcast Black Image

Pop-Up Ad

Pop-Up Ad Green Image
Pop-Up Ad Black Image


Portal Green Image
Portal Black Image


Ppc Green Image
Ppc Black Image


Ppl Green Image
Ppl Black Image


Pps Green Image
Pps Black Image

QR Code

Qr Code Green Image
Qr Code Black Image

Qualified Lead

Qualified Lead Green Image
Qualified Lead Black Image
Reciprocal Links Green Image
Reciprocal Links Black Image

Responsive Design

Responsive Design Green Image
Responsive Design Black Image

Return on Investment

Return On Investment Green Image
Return On Investment Black Image


Roi Green Image
Roi Black Image

Search Engine

Search Engine Green Image
Search Engine Black Image

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Green Image
Search Engine Optimization Black Image

Search Engine Spam

Search Engine Spam Green Image
Search Engine Spam Black Image

Search Engine Submission

Search Engine Submission Green Image
Search Engine Submission Black Image

Search Retargeting

Search Retargeting Green Image
Search Retargeting Black Image

Self-Serve Advertising

Self-Serve Advertising Green Image
Self-Serve Advertising Black Image

Sender Score

Sender Score Green Image
Sender Score Black Image


Seo Green Image
Seo Black Image


Serp Green Image
Serp Black Image

Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement Green Image
Service Level Agreement Black Image

Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart Green Image
Shopping Cart Black Image
Site Search Green Image
Site Search Black Image

Skyscraper Ad

Skyscraper Ad Green Image
Skyscraper Ad Black Image


Snapchat Green Image
Snapchat Black Image

Social Media

Social Media Green Image
Social Media Black Image

Social Networking

Social Networking Green Image
Social Networking Black Image


Software-As-A-Service Green Image
Software-As-A-Service Black Image


Spam Green Image
Spam Black Image

Splash Page

Splash Page Green Image
Splash Page Black Image


Sponsorship Green Image
Sponsorship Black Image

Text Ad

Text Ad Green Image
Text Ad Black Image

Title Tag

Title Tag Green Image
Title Tag Black Image

Top of the Funnel

Top Of The Funnel Green Image
Top Of The Funnel Black Image


Twitter Green Image
Twitter Black Image

Unique Visitor

Unique Visitor Green Image
Unique Visitor Black Image

Unique Visitors

Unique Visitors Green Image
Unique Visitors Black Image


Url Green Image
Url Black Image


Usability Green Image
Usability Black Image

User Experience

User Experience Green Image
User Experience Black Image

User Interface

User Interface Green Image
User Interface Black Image

Viral Content

Viral Content Green Image
Viral Content Black Image

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing Green Image
Viral Marketing Black Image


Vlog Green Image
Vlog Black Image

Web Browser

Web Browser Green Image
Web Browser Black Image

Web Design

Web Design Green Image
Web Design Black Image

Web Directory

Web Directory Green Image
Web Directory Black Image

Web Hosting

Web Hosting Green Image
Web Hosting Black Image

Web Site Traffic

Web Site Traffic Green Image
Web Site Traffic Black Image

Web Site Usability

Web Site Usability Green Image
Web Site Usability Black Image


Website Green Image
Website Black Image

Welcome Email

Welcome Email Green Image
Welcome Email Black Image


Whois Green Image
Whois Black Image


Word-Of-Mouth Green Image
Word-Of-Mouth Black Image


Wordpress Green Image
Wordpress Black Image


Workflow Green Image
Workflow Black Image

XML Sitemap

Xml Sitemap Green Image
Xml Sitemap Black Image


Youtube Green Image
Youtube Black Image



Drupal Green Image
Drupal Black Image


Joomla Green Image
Joomla Green Image
Joomla Alt Green Image
Joomla Alt Green Image

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  1. Hey Rick,

    thanks for these! I am writing a series of posts about Content Management Systems, in particular Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. It would be great if you could add Drupal and Joomla (maybe with and without the trailing exclamation mark?) to the list.

    And yes, you WILL get a backlink in the image captions. 😉


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