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Find the best trade shows for your business with our customizable Tradeshow evaluation template

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What is the Tradeshow Evaluation Template?

The Trade Show Evaluation Template is an efficient tool designed for the systematic evaluation and selection of trade shows. It allows you to set your own ranking criteria and weightage, enabling a personalized, data-driven approach in deciding which trade shows to attend, instead of relying solely on costs or subjective opinions. With the ability to evaluate up to 20 shows at a time and customizable ranking criteria, this template makes it easy to find the best possible events for your business.

Choosing the most beneficial trade shows for your business can be a daunting task. Our Trade Show Evaluation Template simplifies this process, helping you make informed decisions based on data rather than relying solely on costs or personal bias. The template lets you define and weight your own ranking criteria, providing a rank for each potential trade show. With the capacity to evaluate up to 20 shows simultaneously and customizable ranking criteria, you are equipped to identify the most advantageous events for your business. Additionally, all rules are editable, and the template includes descriptions of each factor to guide your team in determining their importance.

Why use the Tradeshow Evaluation Template?

Tradeshow Evaluation Criteria Chart

Comprehensive Evaluation

Assess up to 20 trade shows at a time for a wide-ranging review.
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Customizable Criteria

Define your own ranking factors and their weightage for personalized evaluations.
Tradeshow Evaluation Criteria Chart

Data-Driven Decisions

Opt for objective, numerical assessments instead of subjective opinions.
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All elements of the template are designed in Microsoft Excel, making it easy to use with no additional software required.
Tradeshow evaluation template screenshot

Long-Term Investment

A one-time purchase provides a lifetime tool for consistent trade show evaluations.

Tradeshow Evaluation Template Features

Accurately evaluate up to 20 Trade Shows (if you need more, send us a quick email)
Update Rankings continuously update as you evaluate each show
Fully Customizable Ranking Criteria and Weights
Includes an automatically adjusting weighting based on how many ranking factors you include
Descriptions of each factor to help your team determine the importance
Make numbers based decisions, instead of selecting trade shows based on opinion
Fully created in and designed for Microsoft Excel – no additional software, drivers or plug-ins required
Trade Show Evaluation Template Screen Shot

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