2024 Tour de France Race Bracket
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2024 Tour De France Bracket 2024 Tour De France Bracket

UPDATE May16, 2024:

We've refreshed our teams and riders roster! Stay tuned as we keep you in the loop with the latest updates as soon as they emerge. Let the adventure continue!

UPDATE April 18, 2024:

We have entered the current rider information available to us into each selection field and will continue to update the race data as new information is released.

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Track the Race with our 2024 Tour de France Bracket!

Are you ready to dive into the excitement of the Tour de France? Look no further! We've created a comprehensive 2024 Tour de France Bracket that allows you to follow every twist and turn of the competition, from the thrilling sprints to the grueling mountain stages.

Our race bracket is available for free download in both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel formats, making it accessible to everyone. Simply click the link below to get started:

But that's not all! With our 2024 Tour de France Bracket, you can make predictions for the following prizes in each stage:

  1. Overall leader (Yellow Jersey)
  2. Points leader (Green Jersey)
  3. Best climber (Polka Dot Jersey)
  4. Best young rider (White Jersey)
  5. Most aggressive rider (Combativity Award)
  6. Best team (Team Classification)

As new information about riders and the race itself is disclosed, we'll be updating the bracket accordingly. So be sure to check back regularly.

Don't miss out on the action! Download our race bracket today and join us in cheering on your favorite riders as they battle for victory in the Tour de France!

Download links below!

2024 Tour De France Starts In


Stay Ahead of the Pack with the Updated 2024 Tour de France Bracket!

Get ready for the adrenaline-pumping action of the 2024 Tour de France! As cyclists gear up for this prestigious race, fans can now download the latest Tour de France Bracket template, updated for the 2024 edition.

Whether you’re organizing a viewing party, making predictions, or simply want to stay in the loop, our comprehensive spreadsheet is designed to track every stage of the race. Available in both Excel and Google Sheets formats, our bracket template ensures you’re fully equipped to follow the twists and turns of the Tour de France. Download your copy now and get ready to experience the thrill of cycling’s greatest spectacle!

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Saving your Tour de France Predictions 

Once you (or your friends) have locked in that perfect bracket and need to send it off to the pool organizer, the best thing to do is either print it or export it as PDF. This ensures that your file isn’t easily or accidentally edited and you can claim your undisputed victory prize.

To save the file as a PDF in Google Sheets, simply go to the File menu and select Download as, and then choose the .pdf option.

For the best results, make sure you turn off gridlines and away you go!

Export Your Google Sheets With Gridlines


Thanks and Good luck with your 2024 Tour de France bracket! 

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